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PREFIX Where Were You When You Heard Desitamashah Died?

Discussion in 'Chilling Lounge' started by d2d, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. d2d DareToDream

    I was in the bathroom browsing the forum on my mobile phone then suddenly the pages did not load.

    What about you?
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  2. Capone It's Too Late

    i was in Pak so really didnt bother coming to DT for like a month. Tried logging in after i came back to Dubai but it didnt work.
  3. naffy-786 Vocal Muslim

    In Canada, in my bedroom on BL.
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  4. mysterygirll It's Too Late

    I was at university, on really boring lecture and then I tried logging in but I could not. At first I thought that there is something wrong on my computer or internet connection, but then I typed google.com and that worked well so I realized that noooooooo my e-home is gone. I felt e-homeless and bit lost since what could I do now during 3,5 hour lecture! I was forced to browse around online shops and spend my non-existing money. Even two weeks after this disaster, I automatically typed www.desitamashah.com and then realized omg it's not there anymore and still I kept typing it like facebook. How sad.
  5. d2d DareToDream

    Aw so sad, brought a tear to my eye.

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    However you now have a new e-home my friend, www.barfilounge.com

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  6. mysterygirll It's Too Late

    I know I have a new e-home now! I was lucky to survive from that loss without therapy, all other old DT'rs might not be that lucky (since they are not here) and now they are probably drawing lines to walls in madhouse

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  7. d2d DareToDream

    I didn't get that?
  8. mysterygirll It's Too Late

    hahah forget it

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    My anglish

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    I guess I meant that they became crazy and ended up in madhouse. That was a joke. Bad one, I guess.
  9. d2d DareToDream

    Oh ok. No it was me, I didn't understand it personally and your English is fine.
  10. baronessa Barfi Junky

    I was talking to Prime a few minutes before it happened.


    (Even though I hadn't checked into DT for a while but STILL)
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  11. Outcast Unleash the Power Within

    who what when why
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  12. d2d DareToDream

    Optimus Prime.
    A forum.
    24 August 2012.
    He married a lovely woman from Pakistan.
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  13. RedMan It's Too Late

    why was this guy hated so much by people on here?
  14. JalebiBabies вarғι'ѕ laadlι

    I found out via lasting impressions thread about DT closing down.

    Hadn't used that site for a while anyways.
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  15. Parata Chun Li

    I was in ignoramus bliss of not knowing forum life
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  16. popsicle Pure & Innocent

    He's probably making another one and it will be ready in a couple of months, he always does this.
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  17. kanjari It's Too Late

    i logged onto msn after a month and got linked to some other shit because supposedly dt was closed
  18. .hmj Buzzin of Barfi

    I offered to take over but then Prime wanted to make an offer and I was like fuckk dattt. I'm too broke to buy that shit.
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  19. friday It's Too Late

    In my room trying to log in but couldn't view any threads
  20. Wolverine It's Too Late

    i was at work,tried to log on from my iphone but site was closed.

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